I Met Brandon Roy!

Me and B-Roy in the locker room

Eric Woodyard and B-Roy in the locker room

Eric Woodyard on meeting Brandon Roy:

“I met Brandon Roy when the Detroit Pistons played the Portland Trailblazers on November 30th. I was covering the game for the SLAM mag and I wasnt supposed to take any pics but I couldnt resist (…sorry Ryne). B-Roy was really cool and I did a short interview with him in the locker room and he was a lot taller than what I thought he would be. He gave the Pistons 19 buckets and 5 dimes, including some big shots in the end and I will remember that day forever because I was so nervous because it was only my second professional game that I ever covered.”

*Brandon Roy plays professional basketall for the Portland Trailblazers. He was 2007’s NBA Rookie of the Year and he made it to the 2008 NBA All-Star game.


6 Responses to “I Met Brandon Roy!”

  1. Love the blog, Eric! I *did* bust you for taking the pic, but at least it came out nice!

  2. Eric Woodyard Says:

    thanks man…lol

  3. Carlos Collins Says:

    Nice site !! Nice pic !!

  4. Whitney Dashian Says:

    Whoa! i love your blog, its really cool. Keep up the good work.

  5. Eric Woodyard Says:

    Thanks…I will have more posts coming soon!

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